Christina and Max are the two folks behind the Joules & Watts brand. Both born in Detroit and both ended up in LA many years ago to work in their respective creative practices. Christina is a tattoo artist with over 15 years of experience and Max is a musician with the same. Art and coffee roasting are rather synonymous so it is no surprise that you are introduced to them now as coffee roasters. Through their art they both became enamored in customer service. That, coupled with omnipresent culinary curiosities, has made the establishing of Joules & Watts a natural and fulfilling endeavor.


The approach is this: stay independent and focussed on the vision and you, the customer, above everything else. Furthermore, stay focused on making coffee as delicious as possible and for everybody, every single person to enjoy. We don’t care if you put milk in it or drink it black but the promise is you will be satisfied. The vision is to roast coffee as well as the best of them while keeping it simple and accessible to all. The fancy stuff is behind the scenes and we're happy to nerd out on intricacies if you ask but when you look at the Joules & Watts brand you’ll be welcomed with open arms and not dissuaded with jargon, coded language, myriad complicated recipes or design that obfuscates what their really here for. Delicious coffee.